Posted by on Feb 18, 2014 in News, Restorer

Often when folks retire they take on a new hobby like antiquing. And frequently because their time is now their own, they enjoy obtaining pieces that need a little TLC. We call these individuals: Restorers. Or maybe they’re still employed at a very demanding job and spending their precious free time refurbishing an old desk, chair or bureau is a great stress reliever. While another type of Restorer is someone who sees the hidden beauty in a neglected piece and wants the joy of returning it to its original state.

But great caution must be taken before restoration begins. Often a piece will lose value if too much attention to detail is given. For example, most experts agree, an antique constructed by a well-known manufacturer or craftsman needs to be left as original as possible. Anything but the least invasive method of cleaning, repairing or restoring, will in many cases lessen the overall value. Also, it’s vitally important to have the finish of a hand-painted piece evaluated before beginning a restoration project. Frequently woods of lesser value were hand-painted to mimic a more expensive, rarer wood and these pieces, while may look damaged and worn, often are worth more if they remain intact.

Once the history of a piece has been determined then the Restorer is free to get started. They don’t mind the mundane; like painstakingly cleaning each section by hand or spending countless hours stripping old varnish or paint. Most Restorers find this to be extremely relaxing. The majority of Restorers will try to return an antique to its original state if at all possible but this isn’t set in stone. Depending on both the location and usage of the piece often determines the project’s direction.

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