Posted by on Mar 6, 2014 in News, Repurposer

Finishing up our series on “What is Your Collecting Personality?” this week we’re focusing on The Repurposer. This creative creature can envision beauty and design in pieces that most of us would consider junk. Most Purists have a hard time dealing with a Repurposer since they require an item be left completely untouched. Probably the Repurposer feels more of a kinship with the Restorer because eventually the item is going to once again become a fabulous piece, just with some major twists.

A Repurposer is only limited by his imagination. We see a broken and damaged antique credenza; the Repurposer sees a gorgeous entertainment center. While that scratched and dented bedroom dresser becomes a wonderfully unique bathroom sink vanity.

And often their creative ideas get taken outside. An ornate iron headboard is transformed into a whimsical backyard gate. Or an old school metal desk straight off the set of Mad Men easily becomes a practical garden cart.

Now all this talk of breathing new life into old furniture doesn’t mean the Repurposer will take a perfectly good pristine antique and re-work it. If an antique is particularly rare or unique a Repurposer will respect its history and original intent.

A Repurposer is often mistaken as the Hunter because often he doesn’t know exactly what he’s looking for; he just knows it when he sees it. And so he is often looking in the discount room or upstairs in the “soon to be trashed” pile, proving in no uncertain terms, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

If after reading this you realize all this time you’ve been a closet Repurposer, we’d love to see some of your creative masterpieces. Next time you stop by to check out our ever changing inventory, please bring photos of your most imaginative designs.