Posted by on Feb 3, 2014 in News, Purist

This week as we continue our collector’s personality series let’s discuss the habits of an antique purist. A purist is someone who only wants the rare and unique in the sense that a piece must be at least a century old, in original condition and in no way be retouched, refinished or repaired.

Purists do their homework. They know exactly what a piece is suppose to look like, what special marks and symbols need be present and the exact location of each. They know the history of an item and depending on how rare the antique is, might even be able to tell you the ownership lineage. And depending on the collector, sometimes even the overall condition isn’t a concern as long as the above criteria are met.

Based on the almost fanatical attitude these collectors bring to the hunt you would just assume that once they come across that perfect piece, price is no object; but that’s not the case. Because of that dedication to completely familiarizing themselves with the piece in its entirety, a purist knows exactly to the dollar how much the item is worth and won’t pay a penny more.

The odd thing about a purist is while they won’t let you sit in that original Queen Anne chair or actually use that Ming vase for flowers, they don’t keep their treasures hidden away under lock and key. They like having them on display and being able to share their knowledge.

Bottom line, a purist is all about the history of a particular antique and we here at Landrum Antiques and Furniture Company love helping this type of collector with their search. Give us a call at 864-457-4000 or stop by our exciting showroom located at 221 E. Rutherford Street in beautiful downtown Landrum.